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Irises... my obsession. (as of 4/28/09)


Photos I took today:

All these photos are copyrighted. Don't claim them as yours. Just enjoy.


Photography and designs

Photos by me:

Painting by me

Design by me, quote by me:

Your Daily Inspiration- Keys and Hearts.

Keys and Hearts. What's so great about them? They remind us of the past. Yep. It's true.

I am currently obsessed with this artist. All of her digital designs are gorgeous, dreamy and whimsical.

I'd die for this necklace! :'( it's too cute. LOVE IT.
My obsession right now is keys and hearts. What's your obsession right now?


Wow, I'm amazed by the awesomeness of these prints. I'd love to get any of these.

And I absolutely love this one!! It reminds me of the flintstones... (sigh)
It's adorable.


Ok, here's some stuff I've done while on hiatus:
Poems (written by me), with pictures I took.

I also tried painting in photoshop... I bought myself a tablet with a stylus to make it a little easier. Still... a lot of work. I recreated this rose from this girl's photo. For more details check out my deviantart gallery.
Here are some icons.

The second one is a photomanipulation, which is featured in my deviantart gallery.

Femenine Charms

I absolutely adore these accessories! Something about the antique look of them makes me swoon. BTW, I can't believe the last two are handmade. They are super cool.

I will post more stuff later today.